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Fanaleds 2.0a bugfix

Posted Nov 03 2013 by Gerben Bol

Although the Fanaleds 2.0 release was huge, a few bugs appeared. We have released a quick bugfix to help some of the problems. Updating is highly recommended.

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Fanaleds 2.0 manual

Posted Nov 02 2013 by Gerben Bol

Not sure where to begin with Fanaleds 2.0? Don't worry, we have made a manual to help you get used to the new functions of Fanaleds. Click here for the video.

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Fanaleds 2.0 has arrived

Posted Nov 02 2013 by Gerben Bol

The long-awaited support for SLI-devices is finally here. We have worked hard to improve the general experience and add a lot of new functions to Fanaleds. We hope you are excited to try out the latest build of Fanaleds.

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Fanaleds update

Posted Nov 02 2013 by Gerben Bol

We are planning to release Fanaleds 2.0 tomorrow on Saturday. Before the release, the website will be down for a little while, because we have updated the website as well. We want to make sure everything works as it should. Thanks in advance.

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Fanaleds Challenge replay

Posted Oct 13 2013 by Gerben Bol

The Fanaleds Challenge yesterday was a great success. Kevin Parrish and Maxim Ramsteijn are the lucky winners of the SLI-F1 sponsored by Leo Bodnar. Missed the race? Here's the replay of the complete race.

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Race night!

Posted Oct 12 2013 by Gerben Bol

Tonight is the night! The Fanaleds challenge sponsored by Leo Bodnar and iRacing will take place today. Competing players are able to win a brand new SLI-F1 or iRacing credits. There will be a live stream of the event tonight, thanks to ARL TV.

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Fanaleds 2.0 teaser

Posted Sep 07 2013 by Gerben Bol

We are very happy to announce Fanaleds 2.0 is coming soon! The long-awaited support for SLI-devices from Leo Bodnar will finally arrive in the next version of Fanaleds. Somewhere halfway this month you can expect Fanaleds 2.0! Check out the teaser here!

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Fanaleds race

Posted Sep 05 2013 by Gerben Bol

As you might have heard the SLI-F1 will be released soon. To celebrate this, and Fanaleds 2.0 that will released together, we will host an iRacing race where you can win a SLI-F1 or iRacing Credits. Please visit the full post on iRacing here.

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Fanaleds 1.6a released

Posted Jul 12 2013 by Gerben Bol

A quick bugfix that solves the fuel display on Fanatec hardware is now available to download.

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Fanaleds 1.6 released

Posted Jul 09 2013 by Gerben Bol

We have collaborated with SCS Software to support Euro Truck Simulator in Fanaleds. Thanks to their great work this game works out of the box without the requirement of any setup with todays 1.4 patch for the game. We have also added support for GRID 2 and we updated to the latest pCARS telemetry.

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