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SLI-F1 preview

Posted Jul 03 2013 by Gerben Bol

Are you excited about the new SLI-F1 display from Leo Bodnar? We most certainly are! We have the honour of being one of the first people to show you the new display. Visit our Facebook page for the pictures.

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Fanaleds first year anniversary

Posted Jun 29 2013 by Gerben Bol

Just over a year ago we released the first Fanaleds version. We would like to thank everyone for their great support, feedback and donations. Head over to our Facebook page for a surprise!

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Fanaleds 1.5i released

Posted May 21 2013 by Gerben Bol

We have just released a new version which solves the brake rumble bug on pCARS. The fuel indication has also been updated. The display will now show the exact value, instead of the percentage.

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Fanaleds 1.5h released

Posted May 07 2013 by Gerben Bol

We have released a new version of Fanaleds which fixed a memory leak in XML handling.

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Website bug fixed

Posted Apr 27 2013 by Gerben Bol

We just got a report that the download page for the latest version of Fanaleds does not automatically download in Internet Explorer. Luckily we have immediately found the problem and fixed it. We are sorry if it caused for problems the whole time.

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inRacing Fanaleds interview

Posted Apr 12 2013 by Gerben Bol

For those that follow iRacing news (inRacing), or are just interested in everything that has to do with Fanaleds: We have been interviewed by inRacing. They have asked several questions about Fanaleds. From the past, to the future. Go ahead and check it out yourself.

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Game profiles database

Posted Apr 07 2013 by Gerben Bol

We have set up a forum category where you can share your game profiles and download profiles from other users. If you have any good profiles for games that you like to share, feel free to share them. Visit it here.

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New forum design is live

Posted Apr 01 2013 by Gerben Bol

When you now visit our forum you will directly notice our new design. The forum now matches the website which should improve browsing through them. Some icons are still being made. We would like to get some feedback.

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Fanaleds 1.5f now available

Posted Mar 28 2013 by Gerben Bol

A bugfix for accidental display mode changes with unintended buttons has been released. This problem occurred to someone and we have discovered the problem. Because it can be a big problem we have released a hotfix.

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Fanaleds 1.5e released

Posted Mar 25 2013 by Gerben Bol

Another big update for Fanaleds is now available. Fanaleds now supports the Steelseries SRW-S1 wheel, Project CARS and Formula truck.

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Steve Ford

"This is a must have for Fanatec wheel owners."