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issue with lazy in fls

Posted: 22 Dec 2018, 12:14
by derinus
hi i use lazy in LFS and i have a fanatec csl wheel for about 9 month .I recently discovered fanaleds that looks great so I installed it in order to be able to use the revstrip led and the led segments .I struggled a little but it is now working the way I like .the problem is when using lazy .when i turn fanaleds on I often get a circle turning on the screen and a message saying "udp pakets are not comming please check your fierwall ". I have no idea wether this message comes from lazy or from fanaleds or even from lfs .this usualy stops when close faneleds .When I restart my computer with fanaleds runing in the background (as it is set to start with windows) and then start lfs every thing works exept the fonction radar in Lazy and (but i am not sure) I get the same message when i am in a race 'udp pakets not coming...).
I think the solution is simple but i can not figure it out yet.
thanks in advance for your reply .best regards. philippe.

Re: issue with lazy in fls

Posted: 22 Dec 2018, 22:13
by Bose321
Check this: ... oxy-Server

I believe the problem is (like with Codemasters) only one app can listen to the data from LFS. If you want multiple apps, like Fanaleds and LFS Lazy, you have to use a proxy server. The proxy server is the main app you use to listen to the LFS data, that then duplicates it so other apps can use it.

I haven't used it before, so I can't help you further.

Re: issue with lazy in fls

Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 23:08
by derinus
thanks a lot for your reply bose .
the thing is that it works partly .fanaleds is working ok and there is one fonction missing in lazy .radar is the fonction that creates an overlay to show the cars around you car (it is used as a virtual miror) .the rest of lazy that gives your postion in race and your times and time comparaison ,gear ,speed,etc all that works well ...
so i understand your idea but i think in this case nothing would work .
plus you can change the ports you use then I intended to change the in and out ports to create a kind of chain but i get the same problem .
anyway thanks for your help .