CSW - Fanaleds "Engine" option and RBR LED's....

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CSW - Fanaleds "Engine" option and RBR LED's....

Postby toivonen » 31 Dec 2013, 18:01


I'm a proud owner of a CSW and must say that Fanaleds is really a must have, this should be an Oficial software/driver for Fanatec products....however i have 3 questions at the moment:

1-What is the Engine option suposed to do...simulate engine vibrations?!...if so, what games are suported, and an important question, WITH THE ENGINE VIBRATION ticked/ON, is there a possibility of damage the wheel with to much vibration, is that why is default unchecked?

2-I love RBR, and after reading some sugestions, have managed to activate LED/INfo display in my wheel when using it, but after update RRSBR2014, now i only have display information, the LEDs don't turn ON...is this a known subject, is there a possibility of fixing that, diferent config, etc...?

3- What is brake threshold, what value i suposed to have?

MANY THANKS you've made a SUPERB software!
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Re: CSW - Fanaleds "Engine" option and RBR LED's....

Postby Bose321 » 31 Dec 2013, 19:22


1. This option is meant to simulator the vibration from a car engine when you're revving it. This option is disabled because this is simulated by some games, and doesn't really add any realism in our eyes. There shouldn't be any harm to the hardware if it's turned on.

2. I afraid I can't really help you with such kinds of mods. Perhaps the cars of that mod lack some features that we need...

3. That will control the brake rumble (if you have clubsport pedals). The slider adjusts the sensitivity of when it should rumble. You don't have to worry about this setting when you don't have that option on your pedals.
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Re: CSW - Fanaleds "Engine" option and RBR LED's....

Postby toivonen » 01 Jan 2014, 12:29

THANKS for the quick reply...i still will try to see if i can make the LED's working...maybe tweaking the RPM values?!?

Yes i do have the CSPV2 pedals, i will also experiment diferent values...

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Re: CSW - Fanaleds "Engine" option and RBR LED's....

Postby John86045 » 14 Nov 2018, 07:01


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