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Can't create car-specific profiles & some other questions.

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 12:26
by spinelli
1. I'm trying to learn how to create car-specific profiles.

I selected Automobilista in the car profiles page then went to advanced - car settings and created a new profile with the name "F3". I later noticed when I exited Fanaleds and later started it back up, the saved profile is gone.

2. I cannot get the "learn" function to be selectable, it's always greyed-out. How do I enable it and what does it do? Is it some sort of "smart" auto-calibration for custom car profiles?

3. How do I disable Fanaleds? For many cars, I have the revs and other info on the car's in-game dash and therefore I'd like to use that and disable Fanaleds to increase realism. How do I disable Fanaleds without having to keep completely closing it down (that can get tedious when switiching cars). If this is not currently possible, is it possible to put a simple "disable" or "Fanaleds Off" button in a coming update? Is it possible to automatically disable Fanaleds on a car-by-car basis using a custom car profile?