Tutorial for FanaLEDs + Dirt Rally + Fanatec CSL?

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Tutorial for FanaLEDs + Dirt Rally + Fanatec CSL?

Postby Zeron » 09 Jan 2017, 16:48

Hi folks,

i keep it short: is there any step-by-step tutorial to bring up Fanaleds in Dirt Rally (with Fanatec CSL Wheel)?

I read much in this board, but none of the related posts worked for me - it even starts - for example - that some of the "lines to edit in codemasters xml files" simply don' t exist in my xml-file!? :?
Create a car profile didn' t work either. Fanaleds regonizes the game (if its running, of course ;) ) correctly, but don't detect any car.

So can somebody give me a simple step-by-step tutorial, how to setup this?
Let's say, the starting point is a fresh install of Fanaleds (2.4h) & Dirt Rally, both up-to-date.

By the way: in Assetto Corsa it works great with default settings.

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english - not my native language. ;)

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Re: Tutorial for FanaLEDs + Dirt Rally + Fanatec CSL?

Postby eqon » 24 Jul 2017, 10:10

the lines are 'general'

for dirt rally these are my changed values, especially fanatecnativesupport needs to be false

Code: Select all

		<dbox enabled="true" />
		<udp enabled="true" extradata="3" ip="" port="30500" delay="1" />
		<fanatec enabled="true" pedalVibrationScale="1.0" wheelVibrationScale="1.0" ledTrueForGearsFalseForSpeed="true" />
	<controls neutralTimeToShift="0.25" />
	<DefaultValueCausedByCreatingAnE nativeSupport="false" fanatecNativeSupport="false" sliProNativeSupport="false" />
after changing that xml file in dir (c / users/ username/my games/ dirt Rally/hardwaresettings) you should be ok.

if not, try changing default rpm values

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