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Website update

Post by Bose321 »

Hi all,

We are working on a new website. It will look and work 99% the same for most pages, but all the code behind the website is rebuilt from scratch. We have decided to do this because the current website is bad to manage. Everything is hard-coded. That means when a game or a device is added to the list, everything had to be manually added to the code.

In the new website everything like games and devices are stored in the database. Together with a back-end for us to manage it. Changes like games and devices are now only a matter of seconds.

The next big change is that we will introduce user profiles. On the launch of the new website you will be able to select which games and devices you own that are compatible with Fanaleds. This way it can be easy for us to assist our users in case of problems. We often have to ask people what games and devices they have, but that should be a thing of the past.

We also want to run our beta-testers programme via the profile. Future releases of Fanaleds can be marked as a beta. When this is the case, only our beta-testers are able to view and download them. All of that via a handy and easy-to-use page in the profile. If you would like to help us simply contact us and you might become a beta-tester!

Because we can imagine people don't like to have separate accounts for the website and the forum, we will be merging the two. All active users on the forum will be copied to the website. You should be able to login with your old username and password. The authentication and steps like registering and changing your password will then run via the website. Logging in to the forum will be the same as before, so no need to worry.

Of course there are multiple other bug-fixes and improvements. The website should work even better on all devices, ranging from phones to tablets to large desktops.

But what we are mostly interested in are your thoughts and ideas. What would you like to see changed or added in the new website? Thanks in advance for your input!
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Re: Website update

Post by ELBUCHO1 »

Very pleased with the news of a updated website looking forward to the Fanatec V 2.5 release.
I had a chance to test the beta test link and was very impressed keep up the excellent work :D

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Re: Website update

Post by floodo1 »

Good stuff. Being that I have never used Fanaleds before, seeing as how the Fanatec Clubsport CSW v2.5 is the first wheel I've had that uses Fanaleds, I like the merging of accounts and hardware/profile based beta testing!

Also very excited for upcoming support of the 2.5 wheel base :mrgreen:

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