Help with G29 and DiRT 3

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Help with G29 and DiRT 3

Postby DonutThing » 12 Jul 2017, 21:29

Hey, guys!

I can't get my G29 to work with DiRT 3 although I followed the instructions in Readme. It seems like the leds are not getting the telemetry from the game considering they don't respond to anything ingame.

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Re: Help with G29 and DiRT 3

Postby eqon » 24 Jul 2017, 10:07

I've done this for Dirt 4 and it works for 1 general DEFAULT RPM setting. (i took my dirt4 settings and changed it into the dirt3 equivalent, it should work i think)

go to file C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\DiRT3\hardwaresettings

open up hardware_settings_config.xml (make backup btw)

look for

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<motion enabled="true" ip="dbox" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" />
change into

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<motion enabled="true" ip="dbox" port="30500" delay="1" extradata="3" />

if it doesnt work, try changing values of default car profile:
go to
fanaled> advanced

RPM first 10, second 2000, third 4000,last 5000, shift 5500, last 6000
add and save,

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