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FanaLEDS not working anymore with latest Live For Speed 0.7D

Posted: 23 Jul 2022, 08:12
by beno
The "Setup games automatically" option fails, saying that '(none)' games were set up.

But even after manually setting up LFS's cfg.txt, FanaLEDS remains in 'Waiting' status while in-game. And FanaLEDS becomes unresponsive.

Game Setting:
OutSim Delay 1
OutSim IP
OutSim Port 0
OutSim ID 0
OutSim Opts 0
OutGauge Mode 1
OutGauge Delay 1
OutGauge IP
OutGauge Port 30000
OutGauge ID 0

FanaLEDS settings:
IP/port :
Password: 1234 Enabled
OutGauge IP/port
OutSime IP/port