FanaLEDs 2.5c + G27 + Assetto Corsa = Flickering Leds

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FanaLEDs 2.5c + G27 + Assetto Corsa = Flickering Leds

Postby Specht77 » 13 Jun 2018, 04:44

So, I started using FanaLEDs with my G27 around 5 years ago on LFS, then I started using on Assetto Corsa...

But then, Kunos released an update that had their own implementation on how to handle the leds, and with that, FanaLEDs never worked again on AC for me...

At least once every year I do some research to see if someone was able to disable that terrible implementation from Kunos, so I could keep using FanaLEDs, or at least find a way to customize the Kunos one...

Now is that time that I'm trying it once more, and still no success, as you'll see on the video I'll post below, the leds on my g27 try to turn on because of AC, but FanaLEDs try to override, and it gives this flickering you can see on the vídeo:

AC tries to start the leds from 5000rpm

My config on FanaLEDs is to turn on from 8500 to 8750rpm

Does anybody knows how to make this work?

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Re: FanaLEDs 2.5c + G27 + Assetto Corsa = Flickering Leds

Postby DirkT » 20 Jun 2018, 11:41

There is an option to disable Fanatec hardware, but I suppose that only disables Fanatec hardware and not Logitech. I'm afraid you are in the hands of Kunos for this one.

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