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Fanaleds 2.4g hotfix

We have released a hotfix to fix the revlights in the game F1 2016. Make sure both Fanaleds and the game are up to date in order to make everything work. Be aware that this version is only usable for F1 2016 players. If you play other Codemasters games it will most likely not work for you. We are going to bring out a fix for this, so in the meanwhile you should use the previous version.



Fanaleds 2.4g released

This version of Fanaleds should offer full compatibility with the latest version of RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) again. Also the RPM value in F1 2016 is fixed.

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Fanaleds 2.4e hotfix

We've worked on a quick hotfix for Fanaleds. In version 2.4e there is full support for DRS lights in iRacing, detection, zone and activation.



Fanaleds 2.4d released

A new version of Fanaleds is here. In version 2.4d thereĀ“s added support for DRS in iRacing. Also an issue controlling display brightness with a switch is fixed.



Fanaleds 2.4c is released

Another Fanaleds release is here. In this version we have fixed the support for F1 2016, OMSI 2, and the support for the 32bit version of Assetto Corsa. Also the uninstaller has been improved. It is now possible to remove the configuration files as well during uinstalling Fanaleds. Don't forget to use the "Setup games automatically" to get F1 2016 running.

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