What's the point of all the Profiles?

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What's the point of all the Profiles?

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Are the pre-created profiles just more like pre-created empty "folders" for each game? So, basically, Fanaleds has conveniently already separated each game into it's own respective profile "folder" for us in case we intend on making profiles? Yes? I'm asking because when I went through a bunch of different games' active profile, there was no difference for general settings, advanced -> car settings, and during actual gameplay tests.

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Re: What's the point of all the Profiles?

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They are pre-defined profiles in which you can override settings. For example, if iRacing needs a different setting for the ABS vibration compared to the default, you can select that profile and change the setting for iRacing specific. Also the car profiles are stored per profile if you have them and the game supports this.
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